Technology has a very wide range ranging from the simple tools such as the wooden spoon to the very complicated gadgets such as a particle accelerator and technological changes involved the evolution from using the simple tools to the application of the very complicated and detailed machines used today.
The changes in technology has not only affected the education sector but the community as a whole as it has enhanced development in advanced technologies, led to the rise of leisure class among other effects.
Technology started way back in the early stone age periods when man used his little knowledge and experience to make simple tools for various purposes and such tools greatly changed his way of .living and from them there has emerged new knowledge enhanced the creation of newer and better tools and machines.
The Stone Age revolutionized into the copper and bronze ages which was basically smelting of the two metals though such an invention had very limited impact to the society as the metals were rare and as such Iron Age emerged with the smelting of iron technology. Thin saw the production of more strong, lighter and less expensive tools.
With its associated advantages, iron technology was quickly advanced and gave rise to ancient technology which produced the greatest advancements in engineering and technology. Inventions in this technology included ramps for use during construction, invention of the wheel, cuneiform form of writing, seismological detectors, multi-tube seed drill, myriad inventions, invention of the natural gas as a source of fuel among other sophisticated inventions.
Ancient technology marked the gate through into the industrial revolution that was basically characterized by the development of the steam engine that had massive effects in the textile, mining and transport sector. Inventions of telegraphy, incandescent lamps and steam ships were made during this period.
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