Discriminated Citizen in the US

Gender equality is something the world has been talking about for years. Despite universal promises made by governments across the world, gender equality remains unfulfilled in some ways or other even in this post-modern egalitarian era too. Decades after adopting the ‘Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women’ (CEDAW) in 1979, women across the world still do not enjoy equal opportunities to realize their rights.
&nbsp.In this post-modern time, when one is showing his discomfort in the news of Taliban’s imposed restrictions on girls in Afghanistan, no one expects even something least to happen in a country like the US, a proclaimed leader of democracy.
The women in this egalitarian period of time have come up to forefront standing along with their male counterparts in almost all the fields. They have shared better parts in most adventurous and risky situations from combat war field to a journey to space. Nothing holds the modern girl from involving into what a decade back thought to be unattainable by the fair sex. A fair number of countries came up with a decision to include women in the armed forces across the world. And given the chances, they have proved their ability to achieve nothing lesser to their male counterparts could do.
At this instance, it is not fair in a sophisticated society to deny women their right to register for the draft, a boost to their self-assurance as a proud citizen.