Discussion 3 2

DISCUSSION AFFILIATION: Discussion 3.2 The selected article discusses the role played by a regional health department in the up keeping of a mental asylum. The revelation of the appalling situation at the state owned mental asylums along with the issues caused by the act of deinstitutionalization of its programs have posed a challenge for the regional health departments to formulate operative responsibilities in overcoming such issues. Longview State Hospital is a government owned mental hospital located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
To cope up with various complicated situations arising due to the mobility of patients in the community healthcare facility and numerous critical issues encountered by the hospital, the health department of Cincinnati worked as an agent of change. The city carried out an independent evaluation of the hospital’s operations.
Moreover, the city strictly defended the required developments in the hospital. Various issues were faced by the institution while executing the advocacy role, especially concerning the authority of domestic health department. It is evident from the execution of numerous suggestions, the communication amongst the officials from the city and the government increase in the finances for healthcare and continued assessments that the Cincinnati Health Department contributed positively in the process of change.
This article identifies the problem and discusses in detail the process followed to solve that problem and is based on an actual hospital. This verifies the authenticity of this article and makes it a credible source. This article can be taken as a case study and be used to teach problem solving skills to the health care professionals.
Anthony,N., &amp. Leff, M.,A. (1979). The State Mental Hospital: A Local Health Department’s Role. American Journal of Public Health. Vol. 69. No. 1.