Discussion EconomicsTopic ChoiceHow managerial economics affect a publicly traded firm

Publicly traded firms Insert Insert \ The Coca-Cola Company The Coca-Cola Company is a beverage company and the largest in the world. Coca-Cola ranks top in the soft drinks industry providing more than 500 brands for its customers. The Company has many products such as diet coke, Sprite, Fanta, vitamin water, Minute Maid, coke zero, Georgia and Del Valle. The most important managerial issue affecting the Coca-Cola Company is managing it large Coca-Cola distribution system and competing with other companies in the soft drinks industry. From a managerial perspective, Coca-Cola is not a single entity but a complex system of companies comprising many other functional areas.
Hewlett-Packard Company
HP is one of the leading companies that provide products, technologies, software and services in the computer industry. The company offers a many products such as computers, printers, storage devices, networking devices and software. HP also offers personal computing services and enterprise information technology to its customers worldwide. Some of the crucial managerial issues include dealing with competition, and ensuring development in technology and innovation. Managers at the company have to deal with other risk factors in the computer industry for instance, cost and revenue issues, research and development.
Abbott laboratories
Abbott laboratories provide pharmaceutical and medical products for its customers. Abbott offers a wide range of products in diagnostic, medical services, nutrition and other established pharmaceuticals. The main managerial issues facing Abbott laboratories is the successful integration of the company with other sister companies and still make it to the top of the pharmaceutical sector.
Economic concepts affecting publicly traded firms
In order for publicly traded firms to be successful in their markets, managers must understand some of the most important economic concepts affecting their firms. This includes competitive strategies that eliminate other companies in the market, pricing strategies that establish customer base, marginal analysis, shareholder wealth maximization and market structure decisions. Most of these economic concepts ensure a firm remains in its market position thus success (McGuigan, Moyer, &amp. Harris, 2008).
The class project will focus on the Coca-Cola company because it remains one of the best publicly traded companies in the world and among the leading in top stocks by trade volume
McGuigan, J., Moyer, R., &amp. Harris, F. (2008). Managerial Economics: Application, Strategy, and Tactics, 12th Edition. Mason: South Western, Cengage Learning.