1)I am posting this YouTube video from 2014; it is the culmination of activities my students in Cheyenne, Wyoming participated in that year. Every time I watch I am amazed at the accomplishments of these students and it even gets me a little teary-eyed. What can you do to make a difference in your community?Moylle, J. (2014, March 25). Laramie County Community College Human Services Program 2013-2014 Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVrwUdpPYuU(Links to an external site.) ┬áCopy the link to watch the video, then write 100 words response on what you can do to make difference in the community 2)I thought I would post this TedxTalk posted on YouTube title “TheImpending Human Service Traffic Jam”; I think it is an interesting perspective. Do you see any problems with the way in which some of the Human Services programs are working with vulnerable populations for example, the housing project Gray discusses?Gray, E. (2014, April 23). The impending human services traffic jam: Ernie Gray at TEDxHamburg. [Video]. Ted. The impending human services traffic jam: Erine Gray at TEDxHamburg