Beau Nelson posted Apr 6, 2020 10:10 AM1. What position/positions in your organization are accountable for workplace relations in your organization? What impact do they have? What programs are in place to impact relations at work? Provide specific examples.My organization is unique. As a member of the IG, I am tasked with inspecting other organizations for compliance, readiness, resource management, and training. Most military organizations have a commander who is responsible for workplace relations in the organizations. The commander ‘s responsibilities include executing the mission, leading people, managing resources, and improving the unit (Air Force Instruction 1-2, 2014). The commander is responsible for the organization but is not alone. The First Sergeant is responsible for ensuring the force understands the commander’s goals, objectives, and policies. The first Sergeant must communicate with other leaders in the unit and be familiar with personnel programs, professional military education, financial needs, family matters to include housing (Air Force Instruction 36-2113, 2014). There are many other personnel responsible for workplace relations in the organization. Supervisors at all levels, Equal Opportunity, the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office, the Inspector General, and the legal office. All these key organizations play a role in the organizations under their span of control. 2. If you were an HR manager in a private-sector organization, what key programs would you implement to improve employee-employer relations? Why?The first program I would implement is streamlined communication. If assigned to a large organization I would look at developing a smart phone application to help with the follow of communication. Employees want to know where they fit in the organization and what they are working toward (Smith, 2017). Another program I would ensure was developed was a recognition program. Gallup recently completed a survey showing fifty-three percent of employees are not engaged, another survey showed workers who give their management a lower rating is more likely to apply or interview for other positions (Duran, 2020). Finally, a program I believe is essential today is a career development program. In a survey in 2018, forty-two percent of millennials said their current employer provide learning, development, and training opportunities (Witkin, 2018). Eighty six percent of millennials say they would stay at their current job if the company offered development training opportunities (Duran, 2020). 3. How would you determine the added value of your programs?As with most programs a Return on Investment (ROI) Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) should be performed. A BCR greater than one shows the program has worth and is not losing the organization money (Kaminski, & Lopes, 2009). ROI was deemed impossible to calculate for human resources, but that is no longer the case (SHRM, 2016). ReferencesAir Force Instruction 1-2. (2014, May 08). Commander’s responsibilities. Retrieved from https://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/af_cc/publication/afi1-2/afi1-2.pdfAir Force Instruction 36-2113. (2014, November 18). The first sergeant. Retrieved from https://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/af_cv/publication/afi36-2113/afi36-2113.pdfDuran, A. (2020, March 04). 7 strategies to improve employee relations [for a phenomenal workplace]. Retrieved from https://www3.swipeclock.com/blog/7-strategies-to-improve-employee-relations-for-a-phenomenal-workplace/Kaminski, K., & Lopes, T. (2009). Return on investment: Training and development. Retrieved from https://www.shrm.org/certification/for-organizations/academic-alignment/faculty-resources/Documents/09-0168%20Kaminski%20ROI%20TnD%20IM_FINAL.pdfSmith, F. (2017, June 20). 5 ways to improve employee relations. Retrieved from https://www.augmenthr.com/blog/5-ways-improve-employee-relations/SHRM. (2016, February 23). Why ROI? Retrieved from https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/hr-topics/behavioral-competencies/business-acumen/pages/why-roi.aspxWitkin, P. (2018). 2018 millennials at work research report. Retrieved from https://about.udemy.com/ideas-and-opinions/2018-millennials-at-work-research-report/