Diversified workforce

Diversified Workforce Introduction The term diversified workforce is used to refer to having a set of employees in an organization who belong to different groups and subgroups. In simpler terms, a diversified workforce is one which comprises of people belonging to different age, gender, ethnicity, language and education working in an organization. Nowadays there is too much emphasis on having a diversified workforce for an organization because a diversified workforce is considered as critical to the success of the organization. A diversified workforce contributes to the success of the organization because such a workforce helps in making better decisions, helps in satisfying customer needs and creates a positive image of the organization.
A very important element in the success of an organization is the way decisions are made in the organization. A successful organization is one which is able to take creative decisions in order to compete in a highly competitive environment. Decision making is one area which helps in enhancing the creativity of the organization. In the process of decision making, it is essential for the organization to define an issue from different perspective and develop different solutions for a particular issue. Having a diversified workforce can enable the organization in broadly defining the issues it is facing and developing different solutions to a problem. For example: a workforce comprising of people having who have ample amount of experience and who have recently graduated can come up with solutions that have already been tested and solutions that are new.
Another key element of organization is its customer and customers of the organization are considered as the heart of the customer. Customer satisfaction is considered very important in order to attract and retain old and new customers. To satisfy the needs of a diverse range of customers organizations require a diversified workforce. A diversified workforce can interact with customers and develop customer intimacy and identify the needs that they want to be fulfilled. This enables the organization in developing goods and services which caters to the needs of different customers which enables the organization in attracting and retaining customers.
A third key element of the success of the organization is the image that it creates in the mind of its stakeholders. Organizations that do not have a diversified workforce are considered as organizations that practice discrimination by employing only individuals that belong to one particular group. Due to this they face lawsuits for not being equal opportunity employers and this ruins the image of the organization. Hiring a diversified workforce enables organizations in avoiding such lawsuit and this will even position the organization as equal employment opportunity practitioners in the minds of the stakeholders (Gaspar 219).
Employing a diversified workforce ensures the success of the organization as it enables the organization to make better decisions. it even helps the organization to operate in a creative manner to compete in a highly competitive market and develops a positive image of the organization in the eyes of the stakeholders.
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