Do Aircraft Engineer of Oman air believe Inadequate training in aircraft Engineering sector of Oman is the main cause of low standards in maintenance of Oman Air aircraft

For example, training and development lead to the development of new skills and expertise of employees. However, in some sectors, training and development are necessary for performing the regular activities.
Training and development activities present prime opportunities to expand and enhance the knowledge base of the employees. Even so, some employers find the same to be expensive and hence, financial loss of the company. For example, employees often miss out on work timings while attending the training and development sessions and this might delay the completion of project (Kenny &amp. Reedy, 2007, p.121). Despite the potential drawbacks of training and development activities, companies consider these to be a core functional activity (Burke, 2010, p.13). Some of the key benefits of training and development are addressing weaknesses of the employees, improving performance level of the employees, managing consistency in the performance levels of employees and enjoying increased level of employee satisfaction.
The significance of training and development cannot be distinguished on the basis of the sector. Hence, irrespective of the nature of business or size of the organization, the significance of training and development is the same all over (Burke, 2010, p.15). This study seeks to investigate the importance of training and development in the aviation sector of Oman. However, the prime thurst will be on the rational behind standard of maintainence. The topic that will be evaluated is: An assessment of the drivers of low standards in the maintenance of Oman Air aircraftin relation to training provision. Therefore, the principal aim of this project is to get an insight into the perception of Aircraft Engineers of Oman, pertaining to inadequate training in aircraft engineering sector, which is responsible for low standards in maintenance of Oman Air aircraft (FICCI, 2012). The objective of the study will be fulfilled by conducting a questionnaire survey among the