Does Ethnicity Impact on the Way We Experience Music



This research will begin with the statement that as a social practice music plays a significant role in the process of constructing national and regional identities and the concept of ethnicity. It has acknowledged vital attention in recent ethnomusicological and other sociological studies. One can find that the study is directly pertinent to the requirements of researchers and professionals in music, musicology, ethnomusicology and social anthropology. Generally, music is considered as the most highly planned human expressions, and it can summarize a social, cultural or ethnic group’s common beliefs and ideologies with a better clarity. The multifaceted music of African-American and Latin traditions proffers a unique opportunity to demonstrate the vibrant relationship between music and culture. Correlation between music and black ethnicity often reveals the changing nature of black ethnicity and various musical styles as they replicate cultural identity. Cultural identity and ethnicity in Sakha are connected with its Pop Music and African –American identity and lifestyle have an obligatory relationship with their music.