Does the rise in online shopping mean the end for retail high street shops

The aims of this study were to identify the phenomenon of online shopping and probe the various factors that either promote it or hinder it. The research also addressed the issue if online shopping would effectively replace street shopping. This was sought to be done through the analysis of existing literature in the area and through primary research involving a sample of online shoppers. The literature review also included analysis of secondary data and presenting of major findings and arguments from such secondary data apart from looking for major theoretical and empirical arguments which may supplant the findings of primary research in this study. Primary research design was phenomenological with focus on studying the phenomenon of online shopping. The research method was triangulation wherein two quantitative surveys were administered to a common sample of respondents to probe online shopping behaviour in general and specifically in reference to online purchase of printers’ cartridges.
The findings literature review established that online shopping has been growing by leaps and bounds across the globe. US and UK markets, in particular were examined and both exhibited growing volumes of online business and e-commerce.