Domestic Abuse as America’s Most Widespread Offense

The author of the paper tells that domestic abuse and violence is an aggressive altercation between family or household members including spouses, former spouses, and a dating relationship, adults related by blood or marriage, along with those comprising a biological or legal parent-child bond. Domestic abuse, forever and a day, is regarding power and control. One partner deliberately acquires increasingly power on his/ her partner. Domestic violence ruins the relationship and breaks up the home. It is not the fault of the victim but of the abuser. Abuse is a force used by one individual to oppress another. Relationship Abuse is a configuration of offensive as well as coercive actions. Abuse is a force used by one individual to oppress another. Abuse can be in the following forms. For instance, physical abuse involves kicking, hair pulling, slapping, pinching, biting, punching, choking, shaking, pushing, pinching, choking, kicking, and hitting. On the other hand, emotional abuse entails bullying, humiliation, calling names, insulting, threat, control, and power. Another type of abuse is sexual abuse that takes in degrading remarks, forced intercourse, sexual comments, redundant sexual touching, kissing, grabbing and depriving of food or sleep. In addition, economic abuse includes snatching money, asking for money, demand for control in household affairs, prevention from getting a job, and providing allowances. Lastly, intimidation is to scare through gestures and actions like abusing pets, smashing things, rash driving and displaying weapons. Isolation involves control of everything like watching, visiting someone, reading something, limitation to a house, show unwillingness to get a job, to learn driving, restrictions on using car or telephone.