LGBTQ DiscriminationLamar CollinsEng 122Professor: Leah Hamilton5/4/2020Although many scholars think significant progress has been made in the LGBTQ community, I argue that there is still a lot more work to be done than they realize because of growing trends in anxiety and depression. This is partly due to acceptance and hate and can clearly be seen at home, school, work and in the community.  The LGBTQ community should not have to worry about losing their job or means of support as part of being discriminated. One part of The Equality Act is supposed to protect persons and their sexual orientation just as it is supposed to protect Religion and Belief. Yang (2019) “Title VII of the Civil Rights Act bans employment discrimination “because of [an] individual’s race, color, religion, sex or nation origin.” Sexual orientation and transgender status are not listed as specific protected categories, but no such language is required. The beauty of our nation’s civil rights laws is that they protect everyone-including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people-who faces discrimination based on sex.” With the Equality Act under question, members of the LGBTQ community now fear of losing their jobs or being discriminated in the work place. This is due to the wording for the Policy/Act.The increase in anxiety and depression from the hate can be unbearable at times. This has been causing an increase in suicide attempts for the transgender and non-binary community. There has been a great number of youth that are now referring to themselves as “non-binary”, which means they do not identify as either male or female. Halliwell (2019) “Almost 30% of transgender women reported attempting suicide. Almost 42% of gender non-binary youth reported attempting suicide in 2018”. This is a public health crisis, with suicide attempt rates 4 times higher than those of straight youth. When you identify as transgender, you normally feel emotional pain due to not being happy with is checked on your birth certificate. Most try to keep their family happy but this normally brings depression and a disconnect. Even still we there are youth coming out at earlier ages than what was seen in the 80s and 90s.Even though a good number of LGBTQ youth are being accepted, there are some that may not be accepted by their families and will be told to leave. Rhoades (2018) “homelessness among LGBTQ youth specifically is a major public health concern, with estimated rates of past-year homelessness among LGBTQ youth as high as 30–45% and evidence of a clear link between homelessness and poorer mental health for these youth.” The suicide rates for homeless LGBTW youth is 9-20 points higher of ono-LGBTQ homeless youth. These homeless youth also have to find ways of making money, most turn to selling their bodies and this takes a toll on their mental health. There are times where they are taken under the wing of a house “mother or father”. This is an older LGBTQ person who runs a home and acts as the mother or father to the youth they take in. Victimization against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals is currently on the world stage. Understanding various sentiments towards these sub-groups is of great significance. While significant contributions have been made in the acknowledgment of LGBT individuals, predisposition is as yet pervasive and has genuine psychological wellness outcomes. Numerous individuals are liable for the victimization of LGBT youths, regardless of whether deliberately or unwittingly. LGBT adolescents are experiencing everyday separation from society, friends, family, and even teachers as well as organizations. The above measurements not just show that LGBT youths need backing and direction yet additionally demonstrate how a lot of these adolescents are unmistakably influenced, in a more significant number of ways than one, by segregation. LGBT youths persevere through unfriendly verbal and physical badgering that can be horrifying for them (Sears & Mallory, 2011).Rejection often begins at home. Upwards of 50 percent of LGBT adolescents experience a negative response from their folks when they come out; 30 percent experience physical mistreatment and 27 percent are kicked out of their homes. LGBT youngsters contain 39 percent of all destitute youth, and family dismissal is the essential driver (Jacob, 2013). Further, LGBT grown-ups who report family dismissal are multiple times bound to be discouraged, various times bound to utilize illicit medications, and are bound to have contemplated suicide than non-dismissed youthful grown-ups. Bullying of LGBT kids is quite common in schools too. Eighty-five percent are verbally bullied throughout a school year. This badgering regularly turns savage: 40 percent report physical harassment and 19 percent report being physically ambushed at school in light of sexual orientation. Harassing can be exceptional to such an extent that 30 percent of LGBT youngsters miss school since they feel hazardous.Although, significant strides are being made it only takes one or two incidents to set the LGBTQ community back. The community as a whole is always looking for solutions to flatten the curve. Victimization individuals from the community don’t only damage that individual but can harm families, organizations and nations. References:Sears, B., & Mallory, C. (2011). Documented evidence of employment discrimination & its effects on LGBT people.Jacob, S. (2013). 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