Dream vacation

Whenever I would get a chance to visit Italy I won’t miss a single museum. However my family is planning to visit my aunt in Italy in the next summer vacations, if so, I would plan every single hour of my vacations to enjoy the utmost.
Churches and national shrines hold significance, as they are the primary concern for tourist attraction. The works of famous sculptors and painters like Leonardo Di Vinci, Michelangelo and Filippo Brunelleschi can be found in Tuscany, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. (VacationIdea, 2006)
I have often heard about the great Tower of Pisa, which is famous for its five degrees tiltness amazing most of the tourists. My curiosity lead me to investigate the reason of being tilted and then I got to know that it was just a coincidence that the tower got tilted as one side of the ground was soft and so the tower leaned one side. That coincidence became the center of attraction for majority of the tourists around the world.
The most exotic art and architecture to which I would prefer to visit Rome is the Roman Colosseum built in 80 A.D for gladiator fights. I am quite inspired by such fights and wish if I had to be among one of them, what had been the consequences. Visiting Fontana Di Trevi is my heart most desire which I would fulfill in the next summer vacations. …
The reason for this is nothing particular except for the nature and greenery that island possesses. Another greener place to explore is the Cinque Terre, a place for hiking in the Northwest of Rome, enriched with botanicals of lemon orchards. I wonder I would be lost in the beauty of Rome.
Rome also possesses one of my interests, a museum renowned for keeping the latest stylish and the most antique cars, Galleria Ferrari. This museum tells us all about the Romans history, people, importance of cars in Roman history and the modern Roman approach. Ranging from the sports car to modern luxury car this museum enjoys an auditorium, ground floor and first floor for the visitors all around the world. I wonder about the prices of the cars, must be expensive enough to deem to buy.
Roman Forum is also a historical place to visit, as it used to be the main center of preaching religion of ancient Romans. The Forum consists of other monumental places like the Temple of Saturn, the House of the Vestals, Arch of Septimus Severus and Faustina and the Arch of Titus.

After Rome, the first place to visit in Paris in my hit list is Eiffel Tower. This antique and valuable identity of Paris, well known for being the tallest building in the world serves as the main source of tourist attraction. According to my knowledge the tower comprises of three huge floors, whenever I think of spending vacations in Paris I assume myself being on the top of the floor where to enjoy the scenic view of observing the whole Paris would be like a dream turning to reality. What knowledge I have come across, tells that Paris "The City of Lights" is renowned for its monumental buildings.
After Eiffel Tower comes the Arc de Triomphe. The Arc de Triomphe and its