Druk Green Power Corporation LTD

The essay "Druk Green Power Corporation LTD" presents the overview of the management of the Druk Green Power Corporation Ltd and how the expectancy theory can be applied to it. the expectancy theory is one of the contemporary theories win management which describes motivation in relation to valence, expectancy, and instrumentation. The effort in work activities is described within the expectancy theory as the input of a worker. The motivator of human effort is the perceptions of the performance which emanates from this effort. Gupta and Boyd reflect that the contemporary theories of management postulate that effective managers must motivate their diverse workforce so that their productivity is enhanced. In accordance to Bell and Martin, the product of expectancy, valence, and instrumentality is motivation. This argument further reveals the components of motivation which needs to be present for a company to achieve its goals effectively and efficiently.
Within Druk Green Power Corporation Ltd, there are various departments which are charged with different functions which are all aimed at addressing the common vision of the company. Without the functions and roles of the employees within these departments, it is not possible that this would be achieved. The development of the company and its growth in productivity depends on the level into which the human resource within the company is motivated. Gupta and Boyd reveal that instrumentality within the expectancy theory represents the belief of the users of various tools.