Due today in 9 hours

Due in 9 hours….no late work please…..Video links for the assignment:https://mediaplayer.pearsoncmg.com/assets/0divK069wQlBGkjmtiMUhjASTMqV5xfvhttps://media.pearsoncmg.com/bc/bc_0media_geo/smartfigure/sf-mid-latitude-cyclones.htmlhttps://mediaplayer.pearsoncmg.com/assets/ycNbrcmkN_E6Cw3DsOA6Yx4VPPOc_DXmhttps://mediaplayer.pearsoncmg.com/assets/Vvh5gfJINX13b5n_EFAXXyHJigOIqnEhhttps://mediaplayer.pearsoncmg.com/assets/NydFc7nga_sEyqjCbVwD7gZaQKXqYPHfhttps://mediaplayer.pearsoncmg.com/assets/W__8OdHh5Sk28l_4R7M4aFQmeNXp2QLbASSIGNMENT:Watch video listed above and do:1. write at least 1 sentence for each clip(3 pts) (Please list your sentences for each clip with numbers)2. What are the two air mases that have the greatest influence on the weather East of the Rocky Mountains in North America? For each air mass describe the source region, the temperature, the moisture content. (2 pts)3. List at least two of the conditions required for the formation of a tropical cyclone (hurricane)? Explain why do most mid-latitude areas only rarely experience a hurricane? Why are there no hurricanes at the Equator? (2 pts)4. Explain one similarity and one difference beween a thunderstorm and a tornado. ( 1 pt)List answers as #1, #2, #3 and11/05/202011education