Earlychildhood assignment

Students are required to answer 15 questions. The assessment is worth 15 marks. Each question is worth 1 mark. These questions are related to your placement and course contents. To complete this assessment task, it is important to go through the PX handbook 2020, National Regulation and Law, EYLF, NQS and weekly course contents. This is an open book assessment task.Learning outcomes:1. Engage with diverse learners in a range of educational contexts in order to develop skills and knowledge for flexible and adaptable participation in professional practice2. Develop and apply theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to your professional practice and development in curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.3. Work with others in a range of roles and contexts, demonstrating cultural, environmental and social awareness and ethical and reflective practice.Students are to choose and answer 7 questions from section 1 and 8 questions from section 2.Section 1: Course contents related questionnaire1. Define both a provocation and project and discuss the differences between each one.2. What is the 5E instructional model and how it is related to STEM based learning and teaching approach?3. What is integrated and segregated learning approach and what are the differences between these two approaches?4. List three ways an educator could role-model respect, care and appreciation for the natural and constructed environments5. Which National quality area and outcome/s from Early Years Learning Framework is related to this course content?6. Define intentional teaching practice and give an example of this practice and link it to one learning theory.7. How does play support and extend scientific learning for all children?8. How can you develop your teaching role to support and extend scientific learning?9. Give an overall explanation of the concepts of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. (200 words)10. List each of the steps of the planning cycle and how they build upon each other.Section 2: PX related questionnaire1. What is Working with Children Check card (WWCC)? When do you need this card?2. It is important that when working with children that educators and preservice teachers (students) use and wear the personal protective equipment supplied by centre. Explain why3. What is an emergency evacuation plan and where should it be located in the centre?4. One of the permanent staff is going for break and the staff is not covered by any floating qualified staff member. This will leave you by yourself outside with a group of pre-kinder children, what would you do?5. List 3 risks that could be associated with working in an early childhood setting. Why?6. Most of the ECE centres in Victoria have “sun smart” and “nut free” policies, where should these documents be kept and what information must be included in the policies?7. How many PX days and hours per day (not including lunch) do you need to undertake as for this course? What do you need to do if you are sick any of your placement days?8. What is Code of Ethics?9. What do you need to do with your digital device while you are working in your placement room?10. What types of health precautions do preservice teachers need to undertake while on placement?I have attached the placement handbook with this document. You have to answer questions from section 2 referring the hand- book. Scholarly articles/open source should be fine for section 1. This subject is called Early childhood education and care. Please use relevant information to this subject while answering the questions. This assignment is 1000 words equivalent. Students are to choose and answer 7 questions from section 1 and 8 questions from section 2 (15 marks in total). 70 words per answer is sufficient.