The company has also tied up with private portal Bezruk.com and common forum Frommers Unlimited and has marked its presence in social networking forum Facebook where fans of the airline regularly exchange their experiences with this airline. These e-marketing techniques have provided the airline a very substantial presence and publicity in the e-market.
E-business depends on attractiveness and user friendliness of company’s website. The visitor must be completely satisfied after a tour of the site and that can be possible only when the website is designed in such a way that a busy visitor is also able to obtain the required details at the shortest possible time and with the minimum of trouble. The language used in the website also plays a substantial role for this to be achieved. The website of Qatar Airways has achieved this target quite admirably.
Qatar Airways has become a deft player in the business-to-business marketplace by judiciously applying the strengths of internet in collecting, collating and analysing information related to tour and conference fliers and travel agents. By sifting the available data, the airline is in a position to identify the most economically profitable strata of business fliers and design its promotions and offers in a manner that is most attractive to the targeted strata.
The airline has never been oblivious of its social responsibility and the need to behave like a responsible corporate citizen, not only in Qatar but in rest of the world also. It has undertaken numerous programmes for the benefit of orphans and autistic children in Qatar and has also donated handsomely towards rebuilding activities in China after the devastating earthquake in Sichuan province in 2008. It is also aware of environmental pollution and has instituted a programme for fuel efficiency and gradual reduction of dependency on fossil fuel.
Qatar Airways has always