Ecology The Environment and The Retail Sector

This last scenario is an ideal fit for any business activity which is on the rise and demands a similar boost for it to become a benchmark position. The environmental issues that could be considered by the retailers include whether or not they are hindering the viewing positions through the different installations and lights present at the retail outlets. This would mean that the retailers would cut down on their expansive drives to construct larger than life displays as well as limit the installations within the realms of the retail outlet itself. Also, an effort must be made to ensure that the pavements are free of any utensils/machines and products which are put on display or for sale since they could seriously hamper the smooth walking of the pedestrians and potential customers. More than that these products could create a situation where the vehicles could bump into the retail outlets and thus account for the loss of property and innocent lives. Thus corporate strategic planning could only be termed as successful when the above-mentioned measures are incorporated in the best manner possible and there is empathy for the customers and pedestrians so that the environment does not get disturbed due to the commercial activities of the retailers. A symbiotic relationship needs to be enacted from this retail basis so that the community at large benefits and there is absolutely no one who is at loss with the tasks thus undertaken. A responsible corporation would never permit a retailer to bypass the jurisdictions under which it is allowed to operate and would cease the license of such commercial retailers on a proactive basis.

With the passage of time, the business plans for the different retailers have started to change since there is more social responsibility within their thinking regimes and they are accountable to different human rights bodies and consumer activist organizations.