Ecommerce in International Marketing

If you pay via cash, check, credit card, etc.
The major difference between the two is that in E-Business a firm is utilizing web based resources to promote its products and in E-Commerce the company is only operating virtually using a web based interface to interact with its customers.
International Marketing differs in E-business and E-Commerce. As in E-Business a firm might not be catering to all the countries with the same website, but in E-Commerce a firm needs to change its catalog only according to the products that it’s offering to different countries. For example in E-Commerce a product might be available for the customers of U.S. but not for the customers of Canada hence customers from different countries need to specify their country in order to be able to see what’s available to them. Likewise if a product is marketed in E-Commerce internationally, only the common aspects of the international markets its being sell to are used in making an international marketing strategy. But in E-Business the company can create different websites for different international markets it’s selling in. hence E-Business in international marketing differs from country to country. …
Other factors that play a part are the demand, supply of that product and whether it’s a necessity or a luxury product. The technological infrastructure should be efficient in delivering automated replies to customers, it should provide necessary and related information to the customer. The infrastructure should provide backup in time of problems.
When developing an internet marketing strategy in relation to international marketing its important to considered some aspects of the market. The most important is to design the website using the language of the country. Other aspects include making web advertisements according to the cultures and norms of the country that the market belongs to this can be achieved by viewing the local websites of the market.
Internet can play a major part for any organization in achieving its objective in the international market for marketing its product. This source of marketing is cheaper and more effective as more people surf the internet. It’s easier for the customers to learn about the organizations product sitting at home. On television a viewer can only watch but on internet the customer can get answers to his or her questions apart from viewing information about the product. Another important concept is the language factor a if a website can be viewed by an international customer in his or her own language than he will get a better understanding of the product.
As I have to explore and implement various ways of E-Business for my organization, the first step would be to know about the markets that have high demand for our products. The second step would be to select markets that have technological support