ECommerce Strategy and Customer Privicy

and Malaysia Airways homepage (see appendix 4,5,6) provides the user with an overview of their whole site, which is vitally important as (Nielsen, 2008) explains The homepage is your companys face to the world. As recommended by Nielsen (2008) Easy Jet, British Airways and Malaysia Airways have used a tagline to capture and communicate the essence of the company. making the sites purpose immediately clear. Their logo is also apparent, boosting brand awareness, differentiating identity from competitors and providing familiarity to users. It can be found in the top left hand corner of the homepage, showing standard HTML conventions have been adopted.Easy Jet, British Airways and Malaysia Airways use standard hyperlinks, tab navigation, browse box, graphics and a search input box to help users interactively navigate the site, in a simple, easy to use fashion. Key worded category hyperlinks, emphasize product variety and the sites most important sections. Easy Jet, British Airways and Malaysia Airways is a path-based homepage to split the audience immediately into interest groups and to offer them specific, more relevant information in menu pages deeper within the site. (Lynch and Horton, 2002.)Easy Jet, British Airways and Malaysia Airways reveals real site content (Nielsen, 2008) offering easy access to recent homepage features. Homepages are updated regularly. visual graphics are kept meaningful and often represent new releases and recommendations, adding to the informal site personality. Text and graphic design is simple, increasing loading time. Color is basic, mainly white. We recommend the use of a white background. it makes the content easier to read White in its nothingness acts as a wonderful balance between colors. (Singh, 2001.)The homepage is sufficient to make a serious impact on the sales of tickets and drive customers. The sites Easy Jet, British Airways and Malaysia Airways are quite successful in catering the objectives of the customers