Economic Relationship Between U S and China in Regard to Market of Labor

This research paper focuses on the fact that Chinese labor market has influenced both the economy of China as well and America. This research paper highlights the importance of the labor market that increases the sustainability of the particular nation or the country.
The concept of sweatshop is considered in the paper. It argues that the value and the demand of the labor in a particular economy increases with the increase in demand of the goods that are produced by the labors
The capital and labor both plays an important and crucial role in the economy. The economic interest of the particular nation is based on the concept of tripartite agreement in which the nation or the state is influenced by the capital and labor. Capitalism is also related with corporatism. The corporatism is considered as the base between the labor and capital. In the economy with favorable and strong corporate arrangement experiences lower rate of unemployment
America is dependent on China for importing goods related to manufacturing cost in order to reduce its labor wages. It is argued, that Chinese economy will increase the welfare effect of America in the long run since the decrease in the demand of the American workers in the manufacturing industry will compel them to switch towards other non manufacturing sectors and therefore the welfare gain will enhance in the long run due to labor reallocation
Labor mobility across the regions plays an important role in influencing the government policies and employment benefit of the nations.