Economics and Business of the AsiaPacific Region and Emerging Markets

As the paper highlights the measurement of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is principally viewed to be one of the decisive parameters in determining the economy of a nation. In this regard, it is observed that the economy of China has developed significantly during the post Mao period in terms of GDP. This has been more prominent after the economic liberation witnessed by the nation in the 1990s. Further development in the economy of the nation occurred during 21st century, wherein the rate of GDP is mostly found to be in double-digits. The GDP rate of China in post Mao period can be better understood from the below depicted graphical representation.

This discussion stresses that&nbsp.there are certain nations in Asia that have grown extensively during the same period. These nations include Japan, South Korea and India among others. It is important to note that Japan and South Korea are the nations that have shown constant growth in GDP rates during the post Mao period. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that China has also grown extensively after liberation and more prominently in the 21st century. However, these countries i.e. South Korea and Japan could not grow in higher rates as compared to China. One of the prime reasons for China to experience higher GDP is the liberation in the economy. The open economy in the region has led to the creation of equal and fair opportunities to the traders.