Due Healthy Living: A Reflection on the Food Intake Reports and their Analysis The analysis did help a great deal in understanding a host of nutrient concepts. With a superior knowledge of nutrient density, for instance, I am now aware that a healthy diet should always be rich in nutrients and less in calories, and a good example in my new reoriented diet is fish and bananas. In addition, the analysis and reports made be aware of the unhealthy food elements in my daily diet. I am now more knowledgeable of the risks associate with the consumption of fast foods, for they contain lots of saturated fats that is now a source of an ending epidemic in our motherland. obesity.
Furthermore, the reports and their analysis thereof have not only illuminated the very deficiency of my daily caloric consumption, but have informed the modification of my food diet towards more healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, as already alluded to above. Noteworthy, proper management of the daily calorie intake goes a long way in preventing not just obesity already, but numerous chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. The change in my food diet to include those foods rich in fiber will tremendously help in regaining the very crucial minerals and vitamins that are somehow in short supply for proper functioning of my body systems.
To be specific, the graphic on “My Plate” was but informational with regards to contents of a balance diet. fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and a variety of dietary products are all recommended. Additionally, the questions of this assignment were indeed helpful, for they introduce me to the exact amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats that I need to consume to live a healthy lifestyle.