Educated by Nature

When one looks at the rivers one cannot help but feel that nothing on this earth can stop it from flowing and the endless rocks give us motivation and power. The traditional Tibetan culture has taught me honesty and perseverance and these have become the key principles of my life. I would like to quote my father who always said that "one must learn to be an upright person, which is more important than gaining knowledge as only such a person will apply his knowledge wisely in future”. When I was in high school my father once enquired about what stream I wanted to take up for my future education and I boldly replied that I wanted to pursue a career in natural science. To this, my father simply smiled and nodded and that said it all. My father has never argued with me and he has always trusted and respected every decision of mine, for which I am very grateful. Thus I selected the four-year B.S Environmental science degree offered by the Qinghai University and I graduated with excellent results in 2005. I later got a suitable and an interesting job in the Qinghai Province Forestry Bureau where my major work was to survey and explore the natural resources in the Qinghai Tibetan plateau region. I have since fallen in love with my job and have taken every single work seriously. Thus I have had the opportunity to work with nature which had been my goal and I have also been lucky to have the support and encouragement from my family.
In the three years that I have been working in this department, I have gained a lot of practical experience, knowledge, and insight about the plateau’s environmental situation. However, I am witnessing a downtrend in the environmental condition in this region due to the fast developing tourism and transportation industries.&nbsp.