You will observe the following video:4th Grade Science-A Discussion of how Students’ Learn to Self Assess Science Fair Projects. Based on the Video respond toeach question using complete sentences. Your responses must be theory-based.3 pages Max. Whattypes of questions wereasked?Please explain Do the questions demand the use of critical thinking and problem-solving skills? Are most of the questions answered with one or two words?If so, based on theory, what strategy will you implement in future lessons? Do the questions promote discussion? If so, based on theory,why is discussion/ dialogueimportant?Posted: 21 hours agoDue: 22/04/2020Budget: $4Tags: asapAnswers 0Bids 71Madem_JenniferTeacher A WorkAmanda SmithMusyokionesDr. BeneveDaniel JohnsonGabriella Malkmichael smithhassan0906PROF_TOMMYRosie SeptemberProCastrol01bennetsandovaANN HARRISjuliusmu33Malik TutorElprofessoriRESPECT WRITERKATHERINE BECKSrunge-kutta acerAmerican TutorCatherine OwensUrgent Tutorbrilliant answersProf.MacQueenRihAN_MendozaDexterMastersTiny ChrisMathStat GeniusWendy LewisAngelina MayPsychology ExpertTutor danielJenny BoomDr WillymartinsTutor Cyrus KenProff work phd ansRohanProf. Clarisekim woodsRey writerPhd christineUNDISPUTED GEEKSaburBMiss ProfessorPhd isaac newtonCotton CandyMichelle OwensSaad FahimAbdullah AnwarTerry Robertsfirstclass tutorSenior Advanced Writerphyllis youngJen Tech1A-Grade WriterJenifer Jones Harris KhansuniyaziaMiss_AqsaElaine CarterTutor-paulaGuruWriter24Expert_ChristineBentaylorperfect hamzaprincelywriterskatty_julietabookideaResearch GeniusHawks EyeOther questions 10Discussion boardneed help double checking study unit WEEK 2 FOR THE ULTIMATE PROFESSOR ONLYLAW531 U.S. Global Administrative Law Paper The U.S. possesses more extensive and expansive administrative law than any other nation analyzing the administrative bodies in Europe and Asia evolutionBachelors Capstone in Healthcare Administration unit 9 Susan Wong’s Personal Budgeting Model 1,050- to 1,400-word manual identifying the key elements of HCIT project implementation.NATIONAL HEALTHCARE CORPORATION ANALYSIS Herman Moore CompanyNot ratededucation You will observe the following video:. Based on the Video respond toeach question using complete sentences. Your responses must be theory-based.3 …22/04/20204education