Education Assignment Need This Done Thursday May 7 2020 By 12pm PACIFIC TIME ZONE

APA FORMAT & NO WORK CITED PAGEEDUCATION ASSIGNMENTWatch Video: Diana Laufenberg: How to Learn? From Mistakes you watch this video be thinking about the “learning process.” We will be discussing learning styles, and deciding how this affects your preference to learn. We will also be discussing intelligence and how that affects how and what you learn. This is a complex issue and I would want you, as we progress throughout this course, to keep these factors in mind when you think about students sitting in a classroom.Have you ever wondered how animals learn? How about how an infant learns to talk? How do these ideas affect the way you will teach when young children enter the classroom for the first time? From the overview section in Unit 1- Part 1, I ask you to think about various theories of learning and in particular, Constuctivist Learning Theory. After you have done some investigating on these topics, please respond to the following: Why constructivism is an important learning theory? Why is understanding various learning theories an important aspect of what effective teachers know and are able to do?RESPONSE MUST BE EXACTLY 150 WORDS!!07/05/20202education