Educational Psychology in Nowadays Environment

My observation of the instructional approaches and the effects of the specific approach adopted upon the students had great value in relation to the course learning l had. Thus, it was an evidently useful project and it was done at an 8th Grade Mathematics Class. My observation class contained thirty students and the teacher in charge of them was Mr. John. The class started at 10 O’ clock in the morning and it was necessary for the teacher and the students to come to good rapport with each other as it was a fresh day and the effectiveness of the class depended mainly on the nature of relation between the instructor and the learner. The strategy adopted by Mr. John in establishing a good connection with his students as well as the special way of grouping had very captivating effect on me. It was interesting as the activity for introduction to the class was purely based on the psychological approach of teaching. The strategy adopted by the teacher was important for they looked into the needs of the students from a psychological outlook. Every type of student was given detailed attention from the beginning of the class and the teacher was careful about special attention to the ones required in the rapport building activity. Accommodations made by the teacher for the students with special needs were part of the preliminary observation result. All these factors suggested how useful the observation results that I gathered were and this also pointed out the implication of such a case study report.The instructional strategy seemed to be highly relevant in the case of the class atmosphere as the type of grouping, the teacher’s approach to individualized instruction, and technology integration, etc were evidently suggesting the quality of the instructional approach which addressed the need of diverse students.