Effective Communication at Work

It is extremely essential for a person to let people know what he is thinking and how he is perceiving things around him. For a successful, harmonious and productive relationship, what is necessary is the ability to communicate the thoughts intelligently, transparency in interactions and a showing understanding towards the feelings&nbsp. of others. If a person has these three qualities in his communication pattern then he will be able to gain the trust of his colleagues and subordinates, achieve the professional goals easily and create an energetic and enthusiastic environment in the workplace. Trust, positive environment and openness in communication are the most important qualities for a&nbsp. positive and productive development of both, personal and the professional life.Principles of effective communication
Communication is a process that utilizes the energy of a person. It requires both, the intellectual and the emotional involvement. Communication can be called&nbsp. ‘effective’&nbsp. when the idea that is being shared is based on the facts and relevant information. Exchanging the ideas among various people of the organization to achieve a goal of the organization is the major aim of the communication at work. However, if the exchange of the ideas does not take place effectively, then the value and the aim of the exchange is not achieved. Hence, to achieve the aim of communication, it is necessary to understand the principles that make communication effective. Following are the principles that help in making the interaction&nbsp. between the sender and the receiver in the communication process successful:

Principle of clarity in ideas:
The clarity of thought and ideas is extremely important when communicating. If the person knows clearly in his mind as to what he wants to say (Singla, 2009, p.88), he will be able to communicate the idea effectively. The confusion regarding the content and the unclear idea can create misunderstanding in the mind of the receiver. To avoid problems arising out of confusion and unclear communication, one should be very clear about the aim of communication.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.