Effective State Building Practices

The state government should enhance the capacity of various institutions in the country in order to empower them to initiate development programs essential for facilitating growth in the country. In addition, the Afghanistan authorities should offer financial support to some of these institutions to ensure the success of their projects or programs (Class Notes Week 11). Due to the support offered by the state, these institutions would then develop a good rapport with the government. In addition, the state and society must also build healthy and beneficial relations. The government should also ensure the local community helps in various projects that serve to benefit the country. The citizens must also be encouraged to be responsible and respond to calls of duty from the government. Furthermore, the Afghanistan government should also support state-building by ensuring peace and security in the country. It provides a conducive environment for business activities and development programs to thrive and benefit the country.
Equally important, foreign countries or organizations can also influence these processes through financial support and providing qualified expertise to work on various development projects. Moreover, the international community and donors are also helping the national government to fight corruption in various powerful institutions such as the Kabul Bank. Additionally, some foreign organizations establish beneficial community-based practices that help improve the lives and health of the locals. Another way the foreign countries can support development practices in Afghanistan is by engaging in trading activities with the host country (Class Notes Week 11). The revenue from trading activities is essential in boosting economic growth and development. Furthermore, trading activities facilitate the development of infrastructure due to the revenue collected and the need for goods roads and airports to facilitate trading activities (“Promoting Sustainable Local and Community Economic Development”). Another strategy that the Afghanistan government can use to steer development is the adoption of neoliberalism. Neoliberalism gives the government the ability to use the advancement of technology to solve social problems (McChesney, p. 2). This is important since a country cannot develop if it has social problems. The use of technology can involve utilizing local and global media for communication purposes.
Evidently, the Afghanistan government should adopt new practices to ensure the development of the country. The states should ensure cooperation and good relationship with the locals and institutions in the country. It helps to generate income and encourage entrepreneurial activities. Foreign countries should also support trading activities and development practices in Afghanistan. This practice helps reduce the country`s overreliance on foreign aid and support. The adoption of these practices is mandatory for the Afghanistan government to ensure the growth, development, and independence of the country.