Effectiveness of Cognitivism Pedagogy

Pedagogies relates to teaching methods that are applied by among various levels of education so that they can develop an understanding of the entire concept of their study. One of the pedagogy that will support the development of critical thinking in undergraduate students is cognitivism which is based on Piaget foundation. The learning approach lays emphasis on the human cognition which enables students to establish hypothesis as well as develop their intellect. It involves how students perceive ideas and acquiring knowledge owing to the fact that this learning approach is keen on responding to questions such as how we think, remember and solve problems. It further focuses on how other factors such as environmental conditions, cultural differences, socio-economic status impact positively or negatively on academic achievements among students (Leidlmair, 2009).

Such include flashcards, computer games involving engineering techniques, puzzles, and board games. There is in-depth sharing of knowledge among the student at the center, teacher and other students. The method allows each student to express themselves before fellow students and the teacher after which they deliver positive feedback on the ideas generated by each student and the teacher (Still, &amp. Costall, 1991).