Efficiency in a Unit of a District Health Authority

Also, managers will have a hard job οf finding out how to improve things. Good communication ensures that people are all aiming and working towards one common goal. By communicating effectively the management can explain objectives and employees have the chance to share their views. There are many ways that managers can communicate with the staff it can be written or verbal.There is a lack οf formality with staff and the workplace is οf a relaxed atmosphere. There is not a lot οf organisational structure evident this is apparent as the dietary department is run by a team and there is no manager, however, there is a senior nurse. Nurses had to help with administrative duties to help clear the backlog. They were doing the job οf the receptionist. the receptionist was not carrying out their duties. There are a mixture οf views on how the department should be run. It is good to have a mixture οf views however this can cause conflict and also shows lack οf direction. When employees have different views they will priories differently. With a proper organisation, chart introduced it would help to overcome the informality within the department as it would clearly state the different staff levels and make objectives become unified. Authority will then flow through the hierarchy. Hierarchies can motivate staff. Maslow’s hierarchy οf needs show that different things motivate people and that they have needs to be satisfied. Employees must be satisfied to work properly. He also theorized that a person could not recognise or pursue the next higher need in the hierarchy unit her or his recognized need was substantially or completely satisfied, a concept called Prepotency.According to various works of literature on motivation, it suggests that individuals often have problems consistently articulating what they want from a job and this would have been no different in the case οf East Neasden’s clinical staff. Therefore, a problem could be that the non- clinical staff such the general manager ignored that these members οf staff said that they want, instead of telling them what he ( the new general manager) wants, based on what managers believe most people want under the circumstances.