Electronic Security Solutions and the Creation of the Right Balance

Researches conducted over the years show that CCTV’s are extremely efficient in security solutions. Cameras that have been placed strategically around an area or a building can offer thorough and large area coverage of the site under surveillance. CCTV’s have also been observed to significantly change the manner in which security solutions are provided and are flexible enough to be applied in a wide range of locations as well as being able to adapt to different deployment ways. These attributes are associated with CCTV’s ability to cover various locations, continuously monitor a single area and track site movement. CCTV’s are also the most convenient ways of offering prevention to would be criminals. A large area under protection will require several screens in order to monitor the site at one given time and this has to be as done in the most efficient manner possible. Recent technology advances show that it is possible to streamline such process through using motion sensors with CCTV. This implies that the cameras are only on the move when a movement is detected and thus the security guards don’t have continuously record each image the camera films. Video Content Analysis (VCA) is one of the most intelligent security form applied in securing sites where patrolling has proved to be a challenge. VCA is a form of CCTV images automatic analysis which retrieves vital information on the content. Access control is also applicable in safety and health perspective where there is a need for evacuation as it allows the security in charge to locate and account for everyone.