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Elaine Shoemaker Department Head Dear Madam. I would like to request for your approval to attend the Managing a Technological Environment which will be conducted by McGill University which will be held on the 5th to 9th of the coming month. I checked the specifications of the course and found that it will tackle cutting edge development in the Information and Communication industry. In addition, they also have luminaries in the industry as guest speakers which could provide valuable insights into the future of the industry.
I am more elated to know that our company will sponsor four engineers to attend the course. I would like to present myself as one of the attendees because I am very much interested with the topics of the course as it will help me to become better in my job. It will also tremendously boost my professional development.
I hope that you will approve my request to attend the course and corresponding, to be also spared from the IPT task for one week so I can attend the course. The last week of the schedule in IPT conflicts with the course because it will end in the 12th of next while the course will run from the 5th to the 9th. I could do the task after the training just to show that I am really interested to attend this course.
I hope that you reply soon so I can prepare myself accordingly. I also will appreciate if you could provide advance information if the company will pay the tuition fee plus travel and lodging.
Hoping for your kind approval.
I remain,
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