Emergency Management Policies of Alexandria City

Several incidences have happened in the past, either natural calamities or that caused by man, which have necessitated the government to have to respond immediately so as to reduce the number of casualties in such a tragedy or to reduce the damage. Either way, in these instances, one can manage to see how the government in collaboration with its supporting groups, like the nonprofit organizations, are prepared for an emergency, and the laws that are set into place to respond to these emergencies.In an emergency, the government has to collaborate with supporting organizations so as manage to carry out the policies set aside for these incidences. Such support teams include the local government, other state governments, and the nonprofit organizations. The preparedness of all these arms determines the effectiveness of carrying out the policies for emergencies. Governments could be said to be prepared for any occurrence of an emergency, but the nonprofit organizations may not be always ready for these occurrences. The level of preparedness is considered based on policies, planning, personnel, resources, among other factors.Different state governments have varied emergency policies. Each of these should be in line with the federal and state levels. This assignment requires one to discuss the emergency management policies of Alexandria City, Virginia. It also requires one to give its relation to state and federal levels. The city of Alexandria has a set of guiding policies that are used in case of an emergency. The policies are contained in the emergency operations plan simply given the initials EOP. These policies are discussed below and so is their management.