Emerging Ethical Issue in Health Care



Thus they have the chance to clear all their doubts in regard to the complete procedure of treatment. In the case of developing countries, in particular, it has been observed that obtaining this informed consent is difficult. This is primarily because the forms for consent are mostly prepared for the benefits of researchers and their sponsors. Thus the patient or the families are not always allowed to know clearly about the disease or the procedure of the treatment that would be followed. Illiteracy is also a major reason that hinders such understanding. Often, the use of different languages creates problems and the subject does not understand the process of informed consent, nor understands the treatment methods (Igoumenidis &amp. Zyga, 2011, p.247). Conclusion: From the above study, it may be concluded that informed consent is one of the major ethical concerns in healthcare and needs to be given sincere concern particularly in developing countries where individuals lack knowledge and understanding of medical factors.