Emerging marketThe challenges and opportunities investing in China

In the thought of Beridze, emerging markets refer to the nations that have actively been involved in business activities that have seen their fast growth as well as a huge development in the industrialization process. Among these countries that are termed to be emerging range from Brazil to China. As seen in the research conducted by Palepu &amp. Khanna, China has retained her position as the third in the list of the emerging markets. China has also been termed as one of the growing economies with largest imports and exports in the globe. Agtmael indicates that the economy has had a growth rate of about 10% over the years. With the country being termed as the world’s second-largest economy after the U.S.
In the thought of Lorenzoni &amp. Broner, emerging economies have been integral in the world economy. This may arguably be because the supposed emerging economies have already emerged and are taking the center stage of the global economy. A good example is China that is export-driven with strong capital inflows and investments from well-capitalized banking institutions. Additionally, the growth of the world’s economy is expected to emanate from the emerging markets, and 70% of the growth is anticipated according to the economists.&nbsp.Despite the varying interpretations of the term, the fact about the entire aspect is that emerging markets have been instrumental in recording an increase in the capital share in the world economy and that their GDP is on the increase.