Employee Relations in Human Resources Management

The C.E.O. has a surprise for you, but it turns out that you do not like it. You decide to leave the room and your subordinate boo you. Being booed by your subordinate creates a hostile work environment. The nature of the surprise- an explicit dance on the pole – is wrong. The C.E.O. later follows you and instead of apologizing he makes the situation worse, first, he thinks you are unreasonable. He also says that if you were more social with him, you two could go amazing places. In other words, the C.E.O. discriminates against you for not being social with him. He goes ahead and massages you at the back. You are aggrieved by this even more and decide to complain to the C.EO. He does not listen to you and decide to fire you.
The controlling law WLAD (Washington law against discrimination) will apply because the company is based in Washington. The law provides that managers and supervisors are personally liable for committing the discriminating act. The C.E.O. is your boss and therefore personally liable to for discriminating you. The WLAD will apply because of possible discrimination based on gender and sexual harassment. The CEO will be personally liable because the surprise aggrieved you and resulted to boo from the subordinates.
The human resource employee in Washington may file a charge with Washington human right commission in this case. The commission will commence a lawsuit on behalf of the aggrieved employee. The employee may utilize the prosecution and investigational powers to file a discrimination charge. The lawsuit may seek compensatory damages injunctive relief and attorneys’ fees.