Employee resourcing for factory relocation HRM

As the company face threats by some other upcountry companies which manufactured the same products with low cost, the Hertfordshire Shelving Systems Private limited was in self defense to keep up its market share and to retain its regular customers as well as to keep up the confidence and to consolidate the business. As the low cost furniture and shelves manufactures entered the market of Watford, a town on the outskirts of London and they dented the market of Hertfordshire Shelving Systems, the management has been forced to protect its existence in maintaining the market stature. In this process the company had to follow some methods and it totally had to change the work culture and working atmospheres. The work place also had to be changed totally into a new look and the management planned to improve the performance of the company by implementing cost cutting methods and to maintain constant profits as the new products hit the market with low price.
While the company is facing such problems it has to reorganize and has to change the lay out of the production policy. Two production plants one in Watford which is around one 110 thousand square feet and the second one is in Devon with 20 thousand square feet need relocation or changes. Here there is a problem regarding the areas of the production plants. …
Being Gracious
The first thing in relocating is to vacate the unit from the present site. While vacating the site of the old unit, the existing land owner may not be friendly to the management. So the management of the organization should remember that they have to maintain good relation with the previous land lord /owner as well as with the new land lord. Good human relations help the management to be a good entrepreneur and improve business activities of the company. However, as the present sites of the units of the company are owned by the company, the fact is to find a new location that minimizes the transportation cost as well as employee resourcing. The next step is to understand the business partners to dominate the competitors. In understanding the business partners, the management has to be independent first and that independence regarding production and marketing can decide the relations with stakeholders as well as business partners. The responsibilities in the relocation should be shared between them to avoid deviations between them and the above aspects can be fulfilled when the management is independent in production and marketing activities. If there is dependence, there is a need of collaboration agreement that shares profits to the business partners as well as losses if any. The next step in relocation is about landed cost calculations. Shifting of the company results in expenditure to the management and correct planning about the relocation can minimize the expenses like the costs regarding water, power, transport, labor and taxes. As the all the above expenditures influence the company and its profits,