Employee resourcing talent management HRD and the skills agenda

Social media, on the other hand, has mostly integrated into most internet users’ personal lives. Content and information sharing has taken a new shape where each individual can directly broadcast to his whole social circle over the internet. Businesses targeting this type of internet audience develop a whole new set of marketing strategies which involve content sharing giving the customers something to share about the business to their social circles. This implies the advent of social media has morphed business marketing. This directly influences the human resources as well. Where marketing is being morphed by the era of sharing and collaboration, human resource management is also being driven by networked employees that directly share business related information with each other. Such professional networks make it possible for the human resource developers and managements to search for, hire, and evaluate employees over the internet as well as establish continuous professional communications to directly manage them over the internet. This allows the degree of freedom to the employees giving them the space to manage themselves and takes this load off the company. essentially being workforce empowering and power delegation.The industries, to compete with the ever expanding businesses and to cater for the ever expanding market, change and improve continuously. Human resourcing in such conditions is, at best, a task for those who understand personalities and roles in field specific tasks and can find such people efficiently.