Employment Law

However, it should not be misconstrued that not following the ACAS guidelines, by itself, would result in a liability on the part of the employers. The objective of the ACAS guidelines is to help resolve the problems informally through arbitration/conciliation process. We consider the facts of Maggie Wheeler’s case in light of the relevant provisions of the law and case studies, taking into account the ACAS Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures.5. There was the conflict between Deidre O’Connell and Marla as their roles were not precisely defined. This was a stressful time at the nursery. The environment impacted on Maggie’s health and as a result, she had to have a number of days off sick. Maggie felt humiliated by this.8. A week later Deidre told Maggie that her hours would be increased from 30 hours a week to 35 hours a week with no increase in pay. Maggie protested that the increased hours would be too much for her [the fact known to Kate]* but Deidre refused to listen. She was so upset that day she forgot to turn the nursery heating off when she left for the day.9. A few days later Maggie was called to a disciplinary meeting by Deidre where she was told that she had too many days off sick, was irresponsible in leaving the heating off and was to be demoted to deputy manager.Stress: Maggie Wheeler is a qualified nursery nurse. She has experience working full time in a local nursery. Maggie worked at the nursery whenever they were short-handed, either Kate or Tony would telephone her and ask if she could work that day on a casual basis. The decision to appoint her on August, 2009on full time was taken consciously by the Little Stars Nursery after knowing her background. She was promoted as Deputy Manager, obviously on satisfied performance. The appointment of Deidre O’Connell who had no previous experience of working in a nursery as the business manager, and her conflict with the manager, Marla George as their roles were not precisely defined, led to stressful time at the nursery.