Employment Policies and Practices

When a person wants a job in a bank, the organization take a written test, in which his finance or accounting knowledge would be tested. Once the applicant clears this initial test, the organization goes into the selection process. This selection process, the organization usually comes into direct contact with the applicants. The organization works on the resume of the applicants, try to get some background information of the applicants, verify their prior qualification, their past experience etc. After this, usually, members of human resource (HR) department, take the interviews of the applicants in which they want to look the aptitude of the applicants, their presentation styles, confidence etc. In most of the organizations, the interview is the last process, but in some organization e.g. arm forces, there are physical tests conducted to determine the physical and mental abilities and strengths. Once the applicant’s pass-through of these procedures, they are selected as employees in the organization.
One important activity that the organization must perform is to check the applicant’s past record. This task is not only to check the background information of the applicant but to check other useful information as well, such as the employee’s past report in previous organizations, i.e. is to check whether or not, the employee was fired from any previous organization on the bases of poor performance, dishonesty or fraud etc. The references for the employees are verified. In most of the government organization, a social security check of the employee is conducted to whether the employee has any criminal record against him or not. If the person is has a clean past record, only then he should be selected.
Post-employment checks are as important as pre-employment checks. These checks include the noticeable change in the lifestyles of the employees, their important financial statements such as income statements, drug usage etc. The organization should make sure that the employees are punctual and giving to their best productivity level. The organization should keep an eye on the activities of the employees, on and off the work.
Acquiring help from the third party can be useful in these situations and these checks must be performed&nbsp.from time to time. Post-employment check is one of the most important parts of the organization’s risk management. If any employee found guilty in any of these checks, the organization must deal with the matter seriously and treat the employee according to the degree of activity.