Engineering Fundamentals And Problem Solving

The book also contains the analytical solutions for these problems which is a huge assistance.
Writers have introduced the students with the most essential subjects of engineering disciplines which guide them through the detailed information about the application of basic engineering concepts. The unique quality of this book is its realistic approach toward the engineering application which aids the students for good understanding of the solutions A unique engineering problems. It introduces students with the development and advances in the engineering field and nourish their minds with practical approach for engineering field.
I have read the book and it includes all the important topics which a new engineering student need to understand before heading towards the complex engineering subjects and this has helped me to enhance my understanding toward many engineering problems. now I have better and fast approach toward them
In the beginning of the book writers gave us the brief overlook of the development and progress in the engineering profession and about the future of engineering field. And this has drawn a clear picture of career opportunities in engineering field which will help me to choose my professional field.
The book gave us the comprehensive over view on engineering designs and engineering solutions which is big help to develop the logical approach toward engineering application. Representation of Technical Information, Engineering Measurements &amp. Estimation and Dimensions, Unit &amp. Conversion are those chapters of this book which provide students with the basic phenomena of many problem solving techniques. It is very necessary to understand these basics because throughout the engineering studies students will encounter with complex problems related to these concepts.