English analysis

Overall, this paper shows many good decisions that were made in how to present the information. Good structure was used to help present the information in a precise and correct format, with a few problems here and there in the presentation of the information.
The start of the letter and the headings are all set up correctly, and offer a very finished and professional look to the report. The intro to the report offers a quick look at what the report will contain, and also shows a quick overview into what the project is doing. The writer also includes how long he has been working on the report, a testament to how much work he has truly put in.
The first problem I notice with the report starts right after the introduction. The writer starts by dividing the report into three sections, but then lists off 16 bullets. While not a huge problem, structurally it looks out of place, but takes away very little in the overall scheme of the report. Something that still should be fixed however.
The description part of the project is laid out nicely, divided into separate sections, all set apart by the appropriate headings. Making these headings bold has also made it so they stick out, and also adds a little more efficiency to the lay out of the report.
By listing the different topics of the report, the writer has been able to show how much work he has completed on each subject. He shows how he has completed the first topic of the subject, the computer science part. He then goes on to scientifically explain the different components making up that part of the report. He then also offers the ideas of what work he has left on this subject, showing that while much of his work on this section is completed, he still has some fine tuning to do.
I also really like how he divides the different sections, making the transitions between the different sections definite, and also something even using a thin line to define the start and ending of the different sections.
For the next topic, he uses the same format of larger, bold letters, to show the break up of the sections. He then introduces his second topic. the basic techniques of logic design. He then breaks up this section into what work he has completed already, and what work he has yet to complete. I think this approach is really effective, and helps the writer demonstrate how much work he has done, but at the same time show the reader, and the writer alike, what work is still left to be done. This is an interesting approach, and I think a really effective one in this type of report.
Beside the minor problems here and there, this is overall a really effective report. I think it demonstrates a lot of things a report should, and also uses many good techniques to help get his ideas and the work he has done across to the reader. A very good report, with very good headings, separation of topics, separation within topics, as well as how he represents the different topics. He used very good format and style, and made a quality report.