English as the Official Language of the United States

Currently, there are 27 states using English as their official language and this includes Virginia.
This article provides an easy to understand explanation of the bill. The article also gives an overview of the scope of the said bill. When it comes to reliability, the article can be considered reliable because it gives facts about the development of the said bill. Moreover, the article comes from a reputable publishing company in the United States.
Lewin, T. (2005) Virginia: ACLU: That is Racist. Retrieved 05 May 2006, fromTheDailyFarce.com.Website:http://www.thedailyfarce.com/politics.cfm?story=2005%5C04%5Cpolitics_englishofficiallanguageaclucries
The Republican representatives have been accused of being racist, because the bill will make English as the official language of West Virginia. It discriminates various ethnicities and cultures residing in the United States. On the other hand, the Republican representative denied the accusation, he said that making the English language as the official language in West Virginia is nothing new and is not strange to the people. Just like the other article on the English language, it stated that there are already 27 states using English as their official language and this includes Virginia. The author of this article has based the facts from the interviews of the representatives in West Virginia. Using these interviews as the primary source makes this article credible.
The author provides an overview of how the American language has evolved from three hundred years ago. The author also presents the new and complicated developments of the English language through social and economic conditions, of the country. The author emphasized that the English language in the United States has shared a great influence in the development of the civilization of the modern world. The study examined the impressionistic or&nbsp.polemic interest in speech, and often animated, amusing, and sometimes the vehicles for a certain amount of valuable information.