English As The Unifying Factor Among The Different Immigrants

English acts as a binding force and has been doing so for quite some time, apart from the United States, in countries like India and Australia too. India is a land of diverse cultures and myriad languages and in spite of the fact, has remained remarkably united. Some of its credit goes to the English language which was unanimously elected as the official language of the country. As for Australia, it is like America one huge melting pot of culturally and linguistically diverse people. English is the only unifying factor among the different immigrants of Australia. The Australian government has recently made it very clear that the acquisition of English is mandatory to people applying for its citizenship. Krauthammer C clearly points out in his article that
"One of the major reasons for America’s great success as the world’s first "universal nation," for its astonishing and unmatched capacity for assimilating immigrants, has been that an automatic part of acculturation was the acquisition of English."
Even though we may dismiss the intrinsic-power hypothesis that English possesses certain linguistic characteristics, which would make it the most preferred language on Earth as a racial claim, it nevertheless has to be considered. The simplicity of inflections in English and the flexibility of functions, which has grown over the last five centuries as a result of the loss of infections, have greatly contributed to its dominance and popularity. One other inherent nature of English is the openness of its vocabulary which implies the free admission of words from other languages and the ready creation of compounds and derivatives. America, therefore, is endowed with a unifying language which is indeed a blessing, as Krauthammer C points out.