English Comp 1 unit 3

English Comp Unit 3: Parallel Sentences Gypsies are famous for their traditions of fortune-telling by reading Tarot cards, interpreting dreams, and looking into crystal balls.
2. According to some gypsy traditions, every dream is supposed to contain its own symbol of the past or predict the future.
3. When you have your tea leaves read, a true Romani gypsy will put a lot of effort into the ritual itself, including making the tea, selecting the appropriate china, and playing soothing music.
4. Palm readers examine lines on the palm, lengths of the fingers, and mount prominence.
5. Some critics of fortune-telling suggest that trained psychologists can notice personal traits such as nervousness, loneliness, or cheerfulness, which would also let them make reasonable predictions about a client’s future.
6. Some people visit fortune tellers to try to learn the future and to be entertained.
7. At the carnival, the gypsy shuffled the deck, cut the cards, and laid out ten cards from which she was supposed to choose three.
8. Some of the people at the carnival were not only suspicious of fortune-telling, but as they walked past the gypsy’s booths, they made fun of them.
9. One gypsy explained that telling fortunes was less about helping others’ lives than making his own living.
10. Fortune-telling is difficult to categorize because it is neither a science, an art, or a religion.
Many cities and counties are named after presidents, but Washington is the only state named after a president.
California is a beautiful state with many natural wonders. There are evergreen forests that line the coasts, it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean giving its guests and residents a beach and waterway to have fun with. There are also more waterways and rivers, not to mention islands.
The car battery appeared to be dead because the car would not start. therefore, I called a tow truck.
She was not like her sister. in fact, they were total opposites.
Ricky Martin will remain my favorite singer because I think he is terrific. Even though he has fallen out of fashion, he has done some free concerts for good causes too.
I took a trip to PetSmart and it surprised me that I was the only one looking for hamsters. I wondered if no one realized that they make terrific pets.
The heat is unrelenting. The ground is cracked, and it has been dry since the beginning of October. The desert seems to be covered with a fine reddish dust.
Holly was told she was going to be a beauty someday. At sixteen she was thin, severe. wore thick glasses down on her nose and her-r shoulder bones showed through her shirt. And they seemed to puncture her skin.
The guitar had been a gift from Aunt Alice when Joanne turned fifteen. Aunt Alice bought it used in town. The strings were broken and there was a scratch on the outside.
Late winter was clammy and the cold went through clothes to the skin. Maple sugaring time was near because buds were popped out on the trees.