English Composition

By the due date assigned, submit your three-paragraph essay as a Microsoft Word attachment. You will complete this assignment using the play Proof on https://books.google.com/books?id=MEfWYY3G1MkC&pg=PA4&lpg=PA4&dq=david auburn proof the back porch of a house in chicago&source=bl&ots=XR8jFOMZtK&sig=ACfU3U3lcS1elsz4K-sKnGwaAssN47-p6A&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjervXBtLfpAhUOiqwKHckhB14Q6AEwDnoECAoQAQ#v=onepage&q=david auburn proof the back porch of a house in chicago&f=falseDirectionsRead the play Proof, and then write an analysis of one of the characters. You may use the brainstorming questions below to generate ideas, or you may refer to the Week 3 discussion prompt for a refresher on ways character is revealed.For this assignment, develop a short essay of at least three paragraphs and 500 words. In your response, be sure that you have the following: an introductory paragraph with a clear thesis statement, at least one body paragraph with supporting reasons, examples, and quotations from the play, and a concluding paragraph. The thesis statement should be your main argument analyzing the character you have chosen. Use APA style for formatting the paper and for in-text citations and end references.Brainstorming QuestionsSelect a character from Proof. What main emotion is the character experiencing? What does he or she want? What is the conflict this character encounters? How does he or she attempt to get this desire? What prevents him or her from achieving it? What is the resolution by the end of the play for this character? Does the character change by the end of the play? What point do you want to make about the character in your essay? Make notes, and develop a thesis statement with support.Reminders Use APA style, and include a title page, running header, proper font and spacing, in-text citations, and a separate references page. Do not use any outside sources to complete this response; rely on your own insights. Quoted material from the play should not exceed 25% of the essay. You may exceed the minimum word and paragraph count.Example APA Reference from the eBookAuburn, D. (2016). Proof. In L.G. Kirszner & S.R. Mandell (Eds.), Compact Literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing[VitalSource digital version] (pp. 1081-1232). Boston: Cengage.17/05/202030english