What’s the purpose?Daniel PlaceresWest Coast UniversityBeyond reasonable doubt.Ever since the beginning of time or should I say many caves ago so these words teleport you to the cave man days. Flash! Quick blink, and here you are now.  Quickly turning the light bulb in your head and tell me, what’s the purpose? Well I must point to you that ever since then we have been gatherers and have tried to obtain information. Whether it was just visual or till the time we were able to develop drawing on the rocks we were attempting to document things. Throughout this journey to the present in which you are now; many argumentized writings have been made and yet to be made. The point of this style of writing is to convince or persuade a person or a group  to understand one side or the other side of what is being argued. You must have quality evidence to explain and support your claims. Authors try to give actual weight to the position they’re trying to give or prove. The important of engaging your audience is so your point is taken and yet find the information they read resourceful.