This helps the musician in achieving different tunes for the song through amplification, mixing and muting some beats.My enjoyment of music has more to do with the appreciation of the technical thinking behind the music as opposed to discrete aptitudes of the musician. I appreciate music in its spatial and temporal reasoning nature such as the ability to visualize the sounds produced by the violin in both time and space. This enhances my reasoning ability to reason which is mostly important my career filed. The spatial temporal aspects of music ensure that I develop higher brain function in the creation of such structures for computer programming. This is because, for me to construct a good program, I should be able to construct it in my head by totally visualizing it and its consequences of the total output, by progression like in music, as opposed to doing a line by line of the code.Appreciation of music is highly felt on the beats produced by the different instruments. The fact that artists are able to differentiate the different types of instruments being played even without seeing them and even when they are very many is very inspiring in computer science. The specifics of such instruments can be impacted on computers such as the ability to readily distinguish sounds when every drum vibrates at specific frequencies by arranging and designing the drums according to tension, size, shape and composition. The wide spectrum of frequencies and pure tones produced by vibrating membranes inspires the production of such nodes in computers.Music uses codes as a form of expression. In its abstract nature, music requires interpretation and performance in order to relay the message. The written codes in music have more meaning than the surface meaning. Likewise, computer programmers also use codes to express themselves. My ability to read through the musical codes presented in music is