Entrepreneur Innovation

He could be credited as having created several entrepreneurial models and, after careful research and analysis, and also after considering the cost of the proposed investments, its pay-back time and duration and other financial considerations, arrived at his decision. He opines that, as of now, there is ample scope for Online Magazines dealing primarily with the information needs of foreign businessmen who wish to invest in businesses in Warsaw. (Refer attachment sent on Kurt Bauer).

Post breaking of the German wall, this market has opened up tremendously, and, although, behind the US market, it is a promising and lucrative one. Service industries in this part of the Globe are lucrative because they have low gestational periods, are quick on profits and one could always know which way the business was heading, and thus take corrective measures, if things needed to be worked on. Besides being technically savvy, he has also displayed a keen and innovative mind, ever willing to accept and implement new ideas if found entrepreneurially viable.

This, based on the above traits, it could be safety concluded that Kurt Bauer has display keener and better entrepreneurial sense than Roxanne Quimby.
Answer 2: Online Financial Services offers better opportunities because it is currently more in demand. The problem with Newland Medical Technology is that the ESWL machines each cost $500,000 to $ 1.5 Million which is a very heavy investment for small or medium size Company. (Refer attachment on Newland Medical Technologies) Besides this being a new innovation, many surgeons would not take the risk of a new procedure on patients, until and unless, this surgical method receives the consensus of the Governing body or peer approval. Although, prima facie, this method has a distinct advantage of being able to dissolve even tiny stones, which conventional interventions do not, yet it could be used only after due recognition by the Medical Body.